Nutrition Boosters for Kids

Adding these nutritious goodies packs a bit of extra nutrition in your kids meals and may even make more finicky kids actually want to eat. Here are some simple ideas to try out!

  • Oatmeal Cookie Pancakes: To regular pancake mix, add in whole oats, raisins and chopped walnuts.
  • Cheesecake Sandwiches: Between 2 graham crackers spread cream cheese and raspberry puree.
  • Jazzy Lasagna: Finely chop veggies in a food processor and add them to the sauce you will be using in the lasagna. This trick also works for pizza sauce. (The kids will never know).
  • Fruit Juice Soda: Mix equal amounts of fruit juice with sparkling water. Cuts down on the sugar and hydrates!
  • Peanut Butter Spiders: Spread peanut butter between whole grain crackers, use pretzel sticks to make “spider legs.”
  • Oatmeal Bar: Create a fun oatmeal bar for kids. Put out small bowls filled with nuts, dried fruits, chopped apples, low-fat granola and more. Give the kids ice cream sprinkles to sprinkle on top of their oatmeal creations and see how fast their breakfasts disappear.

Do you have any great ideas to share – I know you do! Come over to Facebook and tell us!

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