Teen Jobs

Summer is a great time for teens to get a job. Job experience of any kind will serve them well in the years to come; from the interview to the responsibility of timeliness and taking on duties, all will pay off with a lot more than minimum wage.

Here are some ideas for teens to consider:

Lawn Care is great for the entrepreneurial teen. Busy families are happy to pay someone to come out and mow the lawn, trim the bushes, and keep the drives and walks clean from debris.

Restaurants hire teens for bussing tables, dish washing, hosting and perhaps even waiting on tables. This is a great way to learn about customer service.

Local Libraries need help keeping the library organized. Teens may also be able to take part in special events like story hour for the younger set.

Pet Walking and Care is another great way to earn some income. Fido needs his walks and baths. If your teen proves themselves responsible, it could also lead to a pet sitting job for the families that go on vacation.

Coaching and Tutoring is another area to explore. If your teen excels in a particular area, you can bet there is a child out there that needs to better themselves in that same area.  Be it a sport like basketball, football or cheerleading, or a school subject like Math or English, someone out there is looking to improve.

Cleaning and Organization skills can be put to work for many a family whose households are overflowing with too much stuff.

Recycle for Your Neighborhood! Many people wish that recycling was easier, but if your area does not offer it, it means running everything over to a recycling center. Have your teen collect aluminum cans, glass, and paper from the neighbors, organize it and run it. People will pay for this service and if a center pays for some of the materials you can make even more money!

A great site to check out is Snagajob. Here your teen can type in your zip code and see the job postings for your area. Have any other ideas? Share your teen job ideas on my Facebook page. Even better, post if you have a job to offer!



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