Build Your Own Arcade

In my last blog I talked about quitting certain things that are creating angst in your life. One was to quit procrastinating and to learn to listen to those little nudges, even when they do not make complete sense. Those nudges may seem silly to you, but guess what? You will never know unless you act on them and give them a try; you will never know where those nudges will lead unless you explore the opportunity.

Have you heard of Caine’s Arcade? A little boy in Los Angeles got the nudge to create an arcade. He used what he had available, along with his own ingenuity to create an entire arcade out of cardboard, tape and whatever else he could find lying about. Seems silly, seems like child’s play.

The father of this little boy did not stifle his son’s “silly” idea, he let him run with it. H literally let his son build an entire cardboard arcade in the front of his store.

One day a man came by and was taken by this young man’s creation. So he asked the father if it would be okay to create a video about Caine’s Arcade and use social media to  talk about it. The father thought it was a great idea.

The video went viral, Caine’s Arcade Facebook Page has over 100,000 Fans, and $122,000 has been raised to send Caine to college! All because Caine listened to the nudge and his father did not squash his creative spirit.

Watch the video and be inspired to build your own arcade.

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