Hey Smarty Pants! ~ Part 1

If you are smarty pants and want to stay that way, or even if you want to boost your brain power, here are some activities to consider:

Exercise helps keep your brain connections active and intact, you will also learn in a quicker manner and energize your whole body. This is because exercise boosts mitochondria which produces energy in the body. Exercise also helps with circulation and strong blood flow, which is important for optimal brain function.

Get plenty of sleep; sleep literally resets your brain and allows you to open up to new perspectives. When someone suggests you “sleep on it,” they are giving you sage advice. Have you ever woken up at 2am with a great idea, or the solution to a problem? It is because you have allowed your brain to rest and get creative in thought.

De-stress through relaxation, meditation, yoga, and listening to soothing music. Make it a point to participate in easy going activities like crafting, walking, blowing bubbles, or watching clouds. A stressed system sends harmful chemicals over the hippocampus and other brain areas involved with memory.

Laugh! Laughter promotes the feel-good chemical dopamine. You do not have to go too far on YouTube to find some pretty funny videos; especially some of the animal videos. Check out Cat Gone and these adorable Pugs.

Play challenging games! Do brain games like Sodoku or Cross Word Puzzles. Have an iPad or Smartphone? Download games like Boggle or PopWords. This sort of play will keep your brain pliable and young.

Be sure to check out my next blog for even more ideas!

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