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Toes and Soles – Part 2

In my last blog we talked about our toes, this week we connect with our soles. When is the last time the soles of your feet touched actual earth? More than likely you cannot even recall; most of us do … Continue reading

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Adrenal Fatigue

Some symptoms of adrenal fatigue include chronic tiredness, poor sleep or sleep that does not cause you to feel refreshed, a feeling of being overwhelmed, a sensitivity to light and cold, slow to recover from injury or illness, brain fog, … Continue reading

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More on Probiotics

If you have been reading my blogs you have gathered that I am a big fan of probiotics and the positive impact they have on health. Not yet convinced? Here are some other benefits of this friendly bacteria: Boosts immunity! … Continue reading

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Spearmint Tea and Acne

Long gone are the days when acne was exclusively considered a “teenage issue.” I know people well into their 40s and beyond that are plagued with acne, and no topical lotion or supplement seems to help. A clean diet can … Continue reading

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Where You Store Fat Indicates What is Out of Balance

Where you have a tendency to store fat reveals an imbalance in the body. If you tend to gain weight in your belly it is indicative of too much cortisol; the stress hormone. To offset this, aim to get more … Continue reading

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