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Build Your Own Arcade

In my last blog I talked about quitting certain things that are creating angst in your life. One was to quit procrastinating and to learn to listen to those little nudges, even when they do not make complete sense. Those … Continue reading

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Family Dinner

Yes , we are busy families with crazy schedules. Understood. However, committing to at least a few family dinners per week could mean a much healthier family physically, emotionally and mentally. When we eat at home we tend to cook … Continue reading

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How to Beat a Tough Economy

A Mom’s Survival Guide to Living on a Tight Budget Over the years I have given hundreds of seminars and workshops, and I have seen thousands of clients in my Health Clinic. I am a Board Certified Naturopath, and have … Continue reading

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Snow Days

The snow has fallen, the kids are home, the day is theirs. Snow days can provide a fun and expected break from our regularly scheduled lives. The kids will watch favorite shows, play video games, maybe even read a book … Continue reading

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Your Kids and Social Media

We are aware that our kids have more opportunities than ever to find trouble. The numerous options available for them to connect with the wrong people can send many of us into a virtual tizzy. Rather than be overwhelmed, just … Continue reading

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Parenting is a tough job; a tough job that requires much care and attention. It also requires balance, and though we never stop parenting, our families do need to strike a balance between activity and rest. Parenting goes into over … Continue reading

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