Green Up Your Home!

Green Up Your Home!

Ecologically conscious people are always looking for ways to green up their home. While this is certainly a positive move, it also brings rewards that extend beyond the environmental impact and into your pocket book.

A green home uses non-toxic building materials; this translates into less toxic air, which means a healthier you – less costly sick days and more energy to accomplish what you need. Using natural ingredients to clean your home will also cut down on toxic environment and air. I have included several easy recipes for all natural cleaners in my book; all using household ingredients you use every day! They cost significantly less than the toxic store bought brands.

If you want to increase the value and sale-ability of your home, green is the way go! For information on which green upgrades will pay you back, check out this infographic.

For more ideas on greening up your home, check out HomeNav’s Greentain section. This site is an amazing resource for matching homeowner to green builders and services. While you are at it, make sure to sign up for HomeNav! It is an Owners Manual for Your Home.

Insurance companies are always telling us to take a home inventory, and as much as we pay for insurance, this is absolutely a good idea. HomeNav offers a 15-minute solution to inventory your most expensive essentials. Wow! This is yet another way to add some home value and sale-ability.

What do you do to green up your home? Tell us on Facebook!

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